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Brooks Note Winery


Azaya Ranch is close to the coast, just north of Stafford Lake on Hicks Valley Rd.  It sits on a south facing, well drained slope.  Cool wind from the coast ensures thick skins, great color, and beautiful texture in our clones 2a, 115, 667, and 828. It is certified Organic.  




Chileno Valley Vineyard sits on a bench facing north east into Sonoma.  Because it is dry farmed, the vines struggle to produce small, intensely flavored berries.  Clone 828 contributes a burst of raspberry and cherry while the Pommard clone offers more structure and flavors of dark cherry.  The site, with its cold nights and warm days, provides great acidity and a subtle earthiness typical of Marin.



Weir Vineyard is in the Yorkville Highlands, about 7 miles south of Boonville.  It sits between 900 and 1000 feet, on a south facing slope with well drained, rocky soil.  The lower, eastern portion of the vineyard was planted in 1992.  The slightly higher, western portion was planted in 2000.  During the growing season, there is a 40-50 degree temperature shift between day and night.  Both the elevation and the coastal air moving down the Anderson Valley provide cooling for the vineyard.  We use Rochioli and 2A clones from the lower, eastern blocks and RC clone from the western blocks.